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Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Ever Knew That Crap???

I talked with Cleber Morais, president of Avaya, responsible for a substantive outcome and positioning the company in the hypercompetitive market where it operates:
1) What are the biggest dreams and nightmares of Brazilian business leaders?
The growth of the company is the main goal, after which the executive does not dream of keeping your company's business "up and running." At the same time perpetuate his business in an environment as competitive as today, is the fuel that we motiva.Outro great object is related to the talents, how to maintain and retain professionals. I worry too much about what they offer and how to keep them. I'm always looking for new programs, quality of life, different training, activities to collaborate with the development of talents and the same sets us apart as an employer and provide the team built a distinctive environment for work. Finally, another major goal is to innovate, that is, be prepared for new challenges, difficulties for businesses to come in and always be aware of all the opportunities in the future.
2) In your opinion, in the second half of 2009, which will be the behavior of the Brazilian economy?
I have a very optimistic about the second half of 2009 and 2010. I think the worst economy in Brazil has passed. Our government created the necessary foundation to have a growing economy and become a major player in the world. I am actually very optimistic about the recovery and business growth.
3) If you were to write a Letter to a Young Leader, what are the three key messages that would?
First, believe in your dream and go after him. For more distant and difficult it is to fight with perseverance and dedication and they will become realidade.Depois, invest in yourself, your career and your education and bet on their potential. Today more than ever, the young executive has to create its development plan and put it into practice. Make sure that most of the successful results come in the way of how you prepare and adapt themselves to make diferença.E finally, I would say, trust your feeling, that most times lead to more accurate direction and never sure to always work with dedication, passion and ethics.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The acquisition of 
Skype by Microsoft starts to date. Damn even. And since the announcement sensational, nothing, we are still waiting the arrival of Skype on Windows Phone 7 (especially since it was originally scheduled for late 2011) and it is known whether the tool will eventually voip by land on the platform. Or just if you also expect his arrival with impatience, then know that one of the great names of the company, Rick Osterloh , was led to speak on the subject at the last CES . And he said, Skype is expected to arrive soon on Windows Phone 7. Great, of course, but do not rejoice in so far as it will likely be as an ordinary application such as those can be found on iOS and Android.
Skype: the launch of Windows Phone 7 is very soon!
Mind you, it will be well, eh, but I think the best is yet to come. The strength of Windows Phone 7 is indeednatively integrate third-party applications in the mobile platform. If you want the latest Twitter updates from your friends bloggers, so you do not need to open an application, simply go to the Address Book and display the correct tab to know everything about digital activity. Such a course for friends, family, colleagues and all the groups that you took the time to create. As stated in the advertisement, the mobile platform from Microsoft allows us to save considerable time.
Or precisely, it is likely that Redmond to do the same with Skype . One can imagine many things but the most likely hypothesis is that the engineers of the company opted for an integration of the tool contacts. Genre you open the files of Uncle Teddy, you find his phone number, his email, any information that go far and a little button that will allow you to pass a Skype call in a snap. Same also for the video. There, sure, it would be a new asset of choice for the platform.
But then, the next update of Windows Phone 7 is not for now. If Tango is scheduled for second quarter 2012, we must unfortunately wait for the fourth quarter to take advantage of Apollo. In other words, we have not finished taking our troubles patiently ...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Add Profile Images to Blogger Comments

Today I will show you how easy it is to have Blogger (Blogspot) display profile images in the embedded comments section of your blog even if you are using a custom template.

About a month ago Blogger announced that it was enabling profile images (profile avatars) in the embedded comments section on Blogger (Blogspot) as part of its 10th birthday feature series. The new profile image feature which has been available on other commenting options has now been extended to the embedded comments option. This is good news if you are using a default template as you will now see a small avatar next to your visitors comments and your own avatar if you have uploaded a profile image.

Add Your Blogger Blog to Facebook

In today's Blogger tutorial I will show how to add your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) to Facebook so that your updated content can be read right from your Facebook profile. Importing your Blogger blog into Facebook will only take you a few minutes to set up but will likely produce quite a few extra readers.

By importing your blog into Facebook your Blogger posts become available to all your Facebook friends and family. Everytime you post new articles to your Blogger blog they will automatically appear on your Wall in Facebook and in your friends News Feeds. It is also possible to remove any content that you do not wish to be displayed which may be handy for some.

Advantages of Importing Your Blog into Facebook
Increase your web presence
Enjoy added interest in your blog articles and new readers
No need to replicate your blog articles or content on Facebook
Disadvantages of Importing Your Blog into Facebook
If you blog for profit think carefully about importing your Blogger blog into Facebook as you are likely to experience a drop off in traffic and a reduction in revenue earnings as fewer people will visit your actual blog. One possible way around this is to set your blog's RSS feed to show summaries only that way ensuring that anyone interested will need to visit your blog to read the whole article.
How to Import or
Login to Facebook or Sign up to Facebook if you are not already a member

From your Facebook profile page go to Settings

How to Add a Flickr Slideshow Gadget to Blogger

In today's Blogger tutorial I am going to show you how to add a Flickr Slideshow (Flickr Photostream) to a Blogger blog (Blogspot blog). This Blogger tutorial is suited to beginners and newbies to Blogger and contains step by step instructions to create your Flickr slideshow.

This Blogger slideshow tutorial covers the steps to insert a slideshow widget (slideshow gadget) in the sidebar or footer of Blogger and display a set of images uploaded to Flickr. Note the maximum number of images displayed in the slideshow is 20.

There are several different methods to add a Flickr slideshow to Blogger. Which method you use is largely dependent on your own individual requirements. I cover two different methods in the tutorial.

Method 1 - Add a Flickr Slideshow Gadget to Blogger - Photos in photostream are not organized into sets

Method 2 - Add a Flickr Slideshow Gadget to Blogger to display images that are organized in a set

Method 1 - Add a Flickr Photostream to Slideshow Gadget in Blogger

If you will only ever add one slideshow to Blogger from Flickr and don't want to bother with sets use this method to quickly and easily add your Flickr slideshow to Blogger:

Go to Flickr and find your Photostream link. On your home page when logged into Flickr you will see Your Photostream at the top left under the Flickr salutation

How to Add Internal Links Within Blogger Posts

In the Blogger tutorial I discuss how to add internal links within your Blogger posts (Blogspot posts) to point to either another section within the same post or to another post.

There are lots of times when you may want to direct a reader to a different part of your Blogger post depending on what their needs and interests are. Or you might want to alert the visitor to something significant in a related post. In this article I will show how to make use of internal links both within posts and in Blogger generally.

Why bother with internal linking you may be wondering? Well the answer is to improve SEO. Blogs with a good internal linking structure will fare better than blogs that don't link posts. Plus you will be creating an aid to navigation for your reader. On longer posts jumps links to different sections within your post or to other posts mean readers can quickly find the information they are looking for.

How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within the Same Blogger Posts

How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within Different Blogger Posts

How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within the Same Blogger Post
Consider the above links. Click on them. Each jump the reader to a different part of this article. This type of internal linking is common practice in website building and can be equally applied to blogs to assist with navigation.

How did I create these links? The answer is that I used simple html that anyone can learn in a few minutes. Here are the steps I used to create these links.

Log in to Blogger

Go to Posting

How to Highlight Author Comments in Blogger Posts

In this Blogger tutorial I will show you how to highlight the author comments section of your Blogger template (Blogspot template) using CSS styling.

Benefits of Adding CSS Styling to Author Comments
If you are using a default Blogger template chances are it is difficult to differentiate between comments made by visitors and comments made by you, the blog author. If you only have a few comments per post that may not be enough of an issue for you. If however, you have some posts with lots of comments you may need to make your remarks stand out from those of your visitors. We can do that by adding CSS styling to highlight your author comments.

What Will I Learn in This Tutorial?
In this Blogger tutorial you will learn how to easily add some highlighting to your comments so that they will never get lost in the crowd again. This requires a small amount of tweaking to your Blogger template which is not difficult to do if care is taken. The image below shows one example of what can be achieved using this Blogger hack and some CSS styling.